I do what a video can’t do. I listen. I seek to understand. I reach back and teach students to reach out with their unique voice.

My goal is to provide expert instruction, ongoing brain development, opportunities to perform, and a place where you belong in a musical community.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, my one-on-one mentorship is vital to your student’s growth musically and as a young adult. Your student has the need to be seen and have a voice. When your student speaks, who is listening? The computer? YouTube? A Video? Who is really hearing, understanding and giving purposeful feedback? Who is helping to connect the dots of learning and life?

Music has the power to develop the brain as well as a person’s character. Music gave me personal discipline which fed my academic success. The training of daily practice taught me to settle in and focus when it came time to study in college.

You’ve heard of the terrible twos, but what about the turbulent teens? During the teen years, the brain goes through deconstruction and reconstruction, and thought is routed through the emotional brain. These are the years when a consistent mentor can have a tremendous impact. One-on-one coaching creates stability and a place for a young person to express their emerging self.

Making music isn’t just about learning “how to type” or just push the right buttons at the right time. It’s about creating connection… first to oneself and then with others. Music is a language to be spoken where others hear and respond.

I want your student to be heard and so you will have monthly opportunities to perform in the community.

Not everything in life can be achieved through competition. I show students the power of collaboration by giving them opportunities to play in groups with other students. I get excited when I see the maturation of thought and artistic depth!

If you’re looking for an instructor who cares about the whole person, ABC Music Academy is the right place for you!