Flute Classes



A wind instrument without the reed!


Available online or in person


Available online or in person


Available online or in person

Online lessons

Private music lessons provide one-on-one attention

From lively Irish jigs for dancing to hypnotic, meandering melodies, the flute captures an array of moods!

And for a student who hopes to participate in marching band, this is a fantastic instrument to choose. 

Come in for an introductory lesson today to talk to our expert instructor about when and how to get started with the flute!

Best age to start Flute Lessons

This will depend on the maturity and size of the child. As flutes normally come in one size, the student needs to have arms and fingers long enough to reach the keys. The ability to follow directions and understand body awareness in space is helpful as we work to develop an amazing tone, along with understanding note reading and theory. 


Other Classes


The foundational keys


Learn to shred or play classical.


Like the Guitar, but smaller.

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