Strings Classes



The rhythms & flow of classical genre


Available online or in person


Available online or in person


Available online or in person

Online lessons

Private music lessons provide one-on-one attention

Many of the most remembered melodies in Western music, often heard in movie music, come to us from the Classical genre. While people in America have heard snippets of classical music, they may not know the origin or names of those works. For some, the rhythms and flow of classical is the medicine of life. .

Violin Lessons

If joining the school orchestra appeals to you, the violin is the perfect route to take you there.

Our expert instructor can answer your questions about when to start, what is the correct sized instrument to start with, how to care for the bow properly, and of course, how to make the most beautiful sounds!

Viola Lessons

Larger than a violin and lower in pitch, the viola has its own voice.

Viola has some of the most unique solo work ever created for stringed instruments.

Cello Lessons

Warm and rich, the cello speaks the language of the soul.

Who can forget the famous Carol of the Bells video from The Piano Guys featuring cello?

Other Classes


The foundational keys


Learn to shred or play classical.


Like the Guitar, but smaller.


A wind instrument without the reed!

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